Titanium Threadless Heart

400,00 DKK

Whether or not you wear your heart on your sleeve, we know you and your clients will fall in love with the timeless charm and delicate contour of our titanium heart ends.

This top can also be ordered in 18k solid gold. Contact us to pre-order.


3mm: Height: 2.7mm, Width: 3.5mm, Depth: 0.7mm

4mm: Height: 3.5mm, Width: 4.3mm, Depth: 0.8mm

5mm: Height: 4.3mm, Width: 5.0mm, Depth: 0.8mm

  • Size: 3, 4 and 5mm
  • ThreadedThreadless
  • Material: ASTFM F-136, and DFARS compliant

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