REBELLIC was established in 2011 as Piercing NARKOMAN.

Started as a small piercer studio in Copenhagen Northwest and ran the web shop Piercing NARKOMAN (Closed).
The goal was to provide clarity and openness about the branch and get more unique quality jewelry in Denmark!

In 2015, Louis joined the Piercing NARKOMAN crew as apprentice & right-hand
man for Beneg. It quickly became clear that we wanted a new identity for Piercing NARKOMAN, so upon starting a collaboration with Louis, our new identity became

REBELLIC started by renting a room at Enter The Dragon Tattoo and about half a year later Beneg bought a house, where a room was established in this house in Koege. but today we are back in Copenhagen

During our adventure we have had an extra Body Piercer, Mille and an piercing apprentice, who is no longer in REBELLIC and we have got three more, Nicola . Nicola is our piercing apprentice!