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Stainless Steel Navel Jewelry 3pcs.

Hollywood Body Jewelry

Stainless Steel Navel Jewelry 3pcs.

119 kr

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This blog is focusing on threading for the most common types of piercing jewelry. The three most common kinds of threading is Externally Threa...

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Don’t use piercing guns!
Piercing gun

Don’t use piercing guns!

Usually not a fairytale  Throughout the years we have had many inquiries from customers who got pierced ears at their local jeweler, hairdresser, n...

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Professional Body Piercer - CEO


Educated: Professional Body Piercer since 2010.
Started as an apprentice in 2008 to 2010.

Pierced since: 2009

Speaks: Danish

Modifications: 2,9mm Septum, Conch, Dermal, Tragus and Rook

Funfact: He is a realist and has control over the store. Even though he also has a great confidence that unicorns exists! Least love for all unicorns.



Educated: Will be trained in 2020 to be able to provide guidance to select jewelry and piercing care.

Pierced since: Emma do not perform piercings!

Speaks: Danish and English

Modifications: Industrial and Stretch 

Funfact: We were not given a choice whether Emma should be part of REBELLIC.
Emma is a boss and that's why she made the choice for us!

Body piercer


Educated: Professional Body Piercer since 2018.
Started as an apprentice in 2014 to 2018 as a part-time job in REBELLIC.

Pierced since: 2015.

Speaks: Danish and English.

Modifications: 2,5mm Septum, Conch, Stretches, Spiderbite and Nipple piercings.

Funfact: As the largest and most broad-shouldered person in our family in REBELLIC, it can be hard to believe he's afraid of spiders!



Educated: Started as an apprentice in 2017. Expected to be completed by 2020.

Pierced since: 2018.

Speaks: Danish and English.

Modifications: Conch, Septum and Double Nostril.

Funfact: Our youngest and sweetest member of the REBELLIC family, but don't be fooled by the sweet emissaries. She has also worked as a debt collector.



Educated: Finished apprenticeship in 2019. 

Speaks: Polish and English.

Modifications: Cheeks, Septum, Conch, Rook, Snug, Stretches, Nipple piercings and Medusa.

Funfact: On her very first day she was the first to arrive to the shop. When she unlocked the front, she managed to put the locks in her bag. When we asked if anyone had seen the locks, when closing the shop, they were still in her bag. 


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