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Dette blog indslag vil have fokus på threading om gevin typer, til de fleste typer piercing smykker.De tre mest normal piercing smykke gevind...

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NEJ TAK til piercing guns!
Piercing gun

NEJ TAK til piercing guns!

Som regel ikke et positivt eventyr med blomster & enhjørninger. Vi har haft mange henvendelser gennem årene fra kunder der har været ude og få ...

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Professional Body Piercer


Educated: Professional Body Piercer since 2010.
Started as an apprentice in 2008 to 2010.
Pierced since: 2009

Speaks: Danish

Funfact: He is a realist and has control over the store. Even though he also has a great confidence that unicorns exists! Least love for all unicorns.

Body piercer


Educated: Professional Body Piercer since 2018.
Started as an apprentice in 2014 to 2018 as a part-time job in REBELLIC.
Pierced since: 2015.

Speaks: Danish and English.

Funfact: As the largest and most broad-shouldered person in our family in REBELLIC, it can be hard to believe he's afraid of spiders!



Educated: Started as an apprentice in 2017. Expected to be completed by 2020.
Pierced since: 2018.

Speaks: Danish and English.

Funfact: Our youngest and sweetest member of the REBELLIC family, but don't be fooled by the sweet emissaries. She has also worked as a debt collector.



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