Don’t use piercing guns!

Usually not a fairytale 

Throughout the years we have had many inquiries from customers who got pierced ears at their local jeweler, hairdresser, nail clinic etc. In other words an unprofessional piercer!

It’s not very often that it has a good outcome to get a piercing done with a piercing gun. 

Reusable piercing guns can contain blood and body fluids from previous clients

Piercing guns can be contaminated by large amounts of blood borne pathogens several times a day. Despite this piercing guns are not sterilized in a recognized medical way. A piercing gun in plastic can’t be autoclaved and therefore it’s not clean enough to use on clients. 

It’s mostly common to clean a piercing gun with antiseptic wipes, isopropyl alcohol or similar which is capable of killing and removing pathogens. Wipes isn’t enough to clean the inner parts of a piercing gun which leaves tiny particles of skin, blood and body fluids. *

There is a risk that the blood from a client can get to the inner parts when a piercing gun is used on a client. 

The next clients tissue and jewelry may come into contact with the contaminated areas of a piercing gun. One of the worst cases of blood borne diseases is Hepatitis. This virus can survive for a long period on the surface of a piercing gun.

Babies, toddlers and other with a weak immunesystem have a higher risk to get infected.

To get rid of pathogens you need the right equipment. Companies who use the piercing gun often don’t have the equipment for the full sterilization procedure. The full sterilization procedure requires an ultrasonic and autoclave which is quite expensive. 

Piercing guns usually cause damage to the tissue

It’s very damaging to get a piercing with a piercing gun instead of a needle. It can be very painful and swell a lot, which is the minimum damage or be able to give ugly scars and increase inflammation in the ear which is a tissue malformation.

It isn’t documented how often a piercing gun haves a malfunction. 

In some cases the piercing gun doesn’t eject the jewelry and therefore it has to be opened and removed with a clamp.

When a piercing gun is used to pierce cartilage there is a risk of getting lumps of tissue one the back of the ear. These lumps are rather uncomfortable and some might need surgery.

Cartilage has much less blood flow than tissue. Infections are therefore much more common because the lack of the correct sterilization procedure and aftercare.’

Design of the jewelry is unsuitable as a piercing

The jewelry which is used with a piercing gun are often to short. A new piercing needs space to heal. When the length of the jewelry is too short, the tissue might swell enough for the skin to grow on top of the jewelry and therefore needs to be removed by surgery.

It’s also hard to clean when the jewelry are too short. 

Further information about ear pins

Ear pins are not made for tissue and the jewelry is often made of low quality material which can cause nickel allergy.

Please share and deny piercing guns!

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