The No-Pull Piercing Company

NoPull Piercing Discs 7mm - Only sold in the shop


"Clear" Medical grade silicone - Autoclave safe - Flexible
For the purpose of aid in healing hypertrophic scarring
For use with initial or existing piercings 18g-14g (1 size)

  • Dimension: 7mm 
  • Material: Medical grade silicone
  • Made in: USA

You can only purchasing is product in our Piercing Studio in Copenhagen.

We sale only NoPull Piercing Disc® in the shop an is always autoclave. 
Our piercer will always take a look at your piercing before we sell/recommended  NoPull Piercing Disc®, if it is the solution to your piercing problem or if there are something else that makes better sense for get your piercing better.

ABOUT The NoPull Piercing Co.
A small idea with a big result.

Authentic NoPull Piercing Disc® was initially designed to protect new or sensitive piercings from jewelry backings, providing a comfortable cushion of soft, medical-grade silicone. We discovered that our Disc was consistently helping to heal hypertrophic scarring; the common and very stubborn "dreaded bump", that can develop in a new piercing, or even long-healed piercings! 

You can take a look at some of the amazing examples on NoPull Piercing Co Instagram from many customers from all over the world!

NoPull Piercing Co. Sales Policies.

For the purpose of quality control, NoPull Piercing Co. does not permit online/web sale of our Product. is for use, and for sale, in-studio only.  

So if you find this product on a webshop for sale. is it a copy of NoPull Piercing Disc®.
There are many bad copies of NoPull Piercing Disc® that can be unhealthy for your body

- If you do not live close to a store that sells NoPull Piercing Disc® they can also be bought at NoPull Piercing Co.

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