14Kt Gold Threadless Snake Ends

2 454 kr

Thisss S-shaped snake slithers into your flesh as a threadless 14karat gold top. More silly than scary, designed to invoke motion, but also emotion with those big beautiful eyes,  it’s a perfect fashion Sssstatement! Made of solid 14kt nickel-free Gold with durable 316LVM ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Steel Pin designed to be practical and easy to use. Fits all sizes of pins and bases in our threadless body jewelry line. Pin Gauge: 25g



  • Threading: Threadless 
  • Pin: 25g -  Implant 316LVM ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Steel 
  • Dimension: 5.9mm (L), 5.9mm (W), 1.6mm (Rise) 
  • Jewelry type: Ends

    Internally Threaded - Conversion Chart 

    Thread size Thread fits to
    Internally Threaded 0,9 mm 1,0 mm - 1,2 mm
    Internally threaded 1,2mm 1.6 mm - 2,0 mm 
    Internally threaded 2.0mm 2.5 mm - 10 mm

    Conversion Chart Inches & MM

    Gauge Millimeters
    22G 0.64mm
    20G 0.81mm
    18G 1.0mm
    16G 1.2mm
    14G 1.6mm
    12G 2.0mm
    10G 2.5mm
    8G 3.0mm
    6G 4.0mm
    4G 5.0mm
    2G 6.0mm
    0G 8.0mm
    00G 10.0mm


    Inches Millimeters
    1/4" 6.4
    5/16" 7.9
    3/8" 9.5
    7/16" 11
    1/2" 13
    9/16" 14.3
    5/8" 16
    3/4" 19
    7/8" 22
    15/16" 23.8
    1" 25.4
    1 1/2" 38


    Gem Color


    Opal Color 

    Titanium and Nobium Color 

    Custom made Jewelry: 

    — Custom made jewelry is only for your pleasures, and we do not take custom made jewelry in return.
 (Can take 2 - 20 weeks) 

    Preorder Jewelry:
    —Pre-order items / jewelry are things we do not have in stock.
    We will withdraw your payment on your new jewelry when it is being manufactured or shipped to our store
    Pre-order from brand:
    Maye Jewelry - can take 3 - 8 weeks

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