Titanium Forte Gem Ends

550,00 DKK

Neometal's dazzling Forte ends are now available in implant-certified titanium. This classic design beautifully displays four sparkling 1.5mm or 2mm gems in a wide range of colors.


1.5mm Cubic Zirconia - Height: 4.3mm, Width: 4.3mm, Depth: 1.1mm

2mm Cubic Zirconia - Height: 5.6mm, Width: 5.6mm, Depth: 1.3mm

  • Gem Size: 1.5 and 2mm
  • ThreadedThreadless
  • Material: ASTFM F-136, and DFARS compliant
  • Gem Material: Cubic Zirconia  ISO 9001:2015

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