Jewelry change:
Jewelry is replaced by piercings:
When bringing your own jewelry, the consultation for changing a piercing costs DKK 150. When changing several piercings, an additional DKK 50 per person is added. subsequent piercing.

Purchase of jewellery:
When your buying jewelery at REBELLIC, the jewelery exchange is free.

Change to shorter jewelery starts from DKK 100,
depending on the type of jewelry.

note: if checks are made with more, this is of course added

Checkups piercing made in REBELLIC
Checkups are free if the piercing is performed by one of our piercers at REBELLIC first 4 months. 

Checkups if the piercing is performed by one of our piercers at REBELLIC after 4 months. we will take 50 DKK and 30 DKK for following piercings.

- There are a few requirements that apply to get a free checkups. 
this will be as you have been made come to jewelry change/check up within the 7 to 10 weeks
- if we consider your problem to be incorrect care and not follow our care guidance, we may charge DKK 50 for a checkup

Checkups piercing made in other place
If the piercing is not performed by us, the cost of the checkup is DKK 150 for the first piercing, and DKK 75 for following piercings.

Acute problem
Price starts from DKK 100
(The price depends entirely on your problem and what we need to remedy your problem)

Problems such as:
- Loss of jewelry where the jewelry must be reinserted into the piercing.
- Check whether the piercing has grown together after losing jewelry.
- Possible inflammation in the piercing.

Removal of jewelry piercing
The price for removal of jewelry from the first piercing is DKK 100, all following piercings are DKK 75 a piece.

Is just we take out the jewelry and clean the area where the piercing are place.
(Price does not include dermals, skin divers and other surface piercings.)

Removal Dermal and Surfaces
Removal dermals - DKK 200
Removal skin miscellaneous - DKK 200
Removal surface piercings - DKK 150