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Piercings are not just holes in the skin, it is a beautiful piece of art!


14kt Small Diamond Threadless Gold End

3.300 kr


  • Threading: Threadless 
  • Pin: 25g - This end has a steel pin for added strength.
  • Size: This end measures approximately 3mm in diameter.
  • Material: Solid 14kt Gold
  • Jewelry type: Ends

• Use the following steps to insert/remove your new Threadless Ends.

• Please be as careful and gentle as possible when making adjustments as to avoid breaking the gold pin.

        *Please note that our Threadless Ends are pre-bent and will require little adjustment, if necessary at all.

• Step 1: Line up the pin on your Threadless End with the hole in your jewelry.

• Step 2: Insert the Threadless End into the jewelry a little under half way (Shown in green on Step 1.)

• Step 3: Using only a very slight amount of pressure, carefully press on the end of the jewelry slightly bending the pin.

• Step 4-5: Gently press the Threadless End the rest of the way into the jewelry. Remember, you should never have to force the pin and it should slide easily.

• Step 6: To remove the Threadless End hold on to both ends of your jewelry and gently pull the end out. If you are having trouble then you can very slightly twist as you are pulling.

    Internt gevind-konverterings diagram 

    Gevindstørrelse Tråd passer til
    Indvendigt gevind 0,9 mm 1,0 mm-1,2 mm
    Indvendigt gevind 1,2mm 1,6 mm-2,0 mm 
    Indvendigt gevind 2,0 mm 2,5 mm-10 mm

    Konverteringsdiagram tommer & mm

    Gauge Millimeter
    22G 0.64 mm
    20G 0.81 mm
    18G 1,0 mm
    16G 1,2 mm
    14G 1,6 mm
    12G 2,0 mm
    10G 2,5 mm
    8G 3,0 mm
    6G 4,0 mm
    4G 5.0 mm
    2G 6.0 mm
    0G 8.0 mm
    00G 10,0 mm


    Tommer Millimeter
    1/4" 6.4
    5/16" 7.9
    3/8" 9.5
    7/16" 11
    1/2" 13
    9/16" 14.3
    5/8" 16
    3/4" 19
    7/8" 22
    15/16" 23.8
    1" 25.4
    1 1/2" 38


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    Forudbestil smykker:
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