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Amethyst Waterfall Gold Plated Spiral Plug Earrings

998 kr
Gold Plated Brass Weighted Spiral Earrings with Dangling Amethyst Stone “Waterfall” — 8mm Thick

Allow these amethyst stones to cascade from your ears for a look of chic, natural beauty with Indonesian flare. These 0g weighted brass spiral plug earrings feature gold plating and gorgeous amethyst stones cut to resemble cascading waterfalls. The amethyst stones dangle 29mm from the earrings and measure approximately 25mm long and 21mm wide. The Amethyst Waterfall Gold Plated Spiral Plugs are sold as a pair.

  • Material: Brass
  • Gauge: 0g (~8mm)
  • Dangling cascade-cut amethyst stone
  • Stone Measurements: ~25mm (L) x 21mm (W); ~29mm drop
  • Gold plated for a polished finish
  • Price per one pair of spiral plug earrings

    Internally Threaded - Conversion Chart 

    Thread size Thread fits to
    Internally Threaded 0,9 mm 1,0 mm - 1,2 mm
    Internally threaded 1,2mm 1.6 mm - 2,0 mm 
    Internally threaded 2.0mm 2.5 mm - 10 mm

    Conversion Chart Inches & MM

    Gauge Millimeters
    22G 0.64mm
    20G 0.81mm
    18G 1.0mm
    16G 1.2mm
    14G 1.6mm
    12G 2.0mm
    10G 2.5mm
    8G 3.0mm
    6G 4.0mm
    4G 5.0mm
    2G 6.0mm
    0G 8.0mm
    00G 10.0mm


    Inches Millimeters
    1/4" 6.4
    5/16" 7.9
    3/8" 9.5
    7/16" 11
    1/2" 13
    9/16" 14.3
    5/8" 16
    3/4" 19
    7/8" 22
    15/16" 23.8
    1" 25.4
    1 1/2" 38


    Gem Color


    Opal Color 

    Titanium and Nobium Color 

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