Elementals Organics

Amethyst Gold Plated Ovate Spiral Earrings

799,00 DKK
Gold Plated Brass Oval Earrings with Dangling Amethyst Stone Pendant — 5mm Thick

These Indonesian earrings, complete with dangling amethyst stone pendants, create an alluring and mystifying look. Made from brass and finished with gold plating, these 4g ovate spiral earrings feature a dangling faceted amethyst stone pendant for added loveliness. These pendants dangle approximately 20mm from the earrings and measure approximately 33.5mm long and 12.3mm wide. The Amethyst Gold Plated Ovate Spiral Earrings are sold as a pair.

  • Material: Brass
  • Gauge: 4g (~5mm)
  • Dangling amethyst stone pendant
  • Pendant Measurements: ~33.5mm (L) x 12.3mm (W); ~20mm drop
  • Gold plated for a polished finish
  • Price per one pair of Weights

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