Corona support to REBELLIC

50 kr
Do you want your name on the support remind the goldplate:
Do you want to join the support picture:
- With a gold plate with names on.

This was done with the idea of ​​giving you the opportunity to be a part of REBELLIC. we must confess we really need you all now!

We will invite you to come one day when the Corona times allow it again where a group photo will be taken.
There will be some drinks and some fun with us from REBELLIC!

we vil make a FACEBOOK group where there will be special offers for everyone who supports us in these times 


Internt gevind-konverterings diagram 

Gevindstørrelse Tråd passer til
Indvendigt gevind 0,9 mm 1,0 mm-1,2 mm
Indvendigt gevind 1,2mm 1,6 mm-2,0 mm 
Indvendigt gevind 2,0 mm 2,5 mm-10 mm

Konverteringsdiagram tommer & mm

Gauge Millimeter
22G 0.64 mm
20G 0.81 mm
18G 1,0 mm
16G 1,2 mm
14G 1,6 mm
12G 2,0 mm
10G 2,5 mm
8G 3,0 mm
6G 4,0 mm
4G 5.0 mm
2G 6.0 mm
0G 8.0 mm
00G 10,0 mm


Tommer Millimeter
1/4" 6.4
5/16" 7.9
3/8" 9.5
7/16" 11
1/2" 13
9/16" 14.3
5/8" 16
3/4" 19
7/8" 22
15/16" 23.8
1" 25.4
1 1/2" 38


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Custom made smykker:
- Custom made smykker er kun til dine preferencer, og vi tager ikke custom made smykker retur. (Kan tage 2 - 20 uger)

Forudbestil smykker:
- Forudbestil varer / smykker er ting, vi ikke har på lager.
Vi trækker din betaling på dit nye smykke, når det fremstilles eller sendes til vores butik

Forudbestilling fra mærke:
Maya smykker kan tage 4 - 10 uger

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