Navel Piercing

About Navel Piercing

The navel piercing is mostly pierced in the top of the navel, but can also the placed in the bottom of the navel. 

The piercing is typically performed with a 14 gauge needle. 

Even though the navel piercing is a very popular piercing, it isn't for everyone. To get a navel piercing your navel have to have a certain shape: a 'skin flap' with space between the 'flap' and navel. Either on top of the navel or on the bottom. There have to be enough space behind the 'flap' of skin for the jewelry to feel comfortable. This is not due to placement of the piercing, because almost all navels can be pierced, but it is more a concern about healing that decides if a navel piercing is fit for you. 

One of the reasons to why some navel piercings have trouble healing, is due to all the scar tissue accumulated from when you were born. Depending on how your navel tissue healed together when you were a child, the healing can be very different amongst people. 

Another thing making the healing problematic is also the area. The piercing can get irritated due to twisting, exercising etc. 

If you are in any doubt that your navel is fit for a navel piercing, don't hesitate to contact us. 


  • Healing period: ​6 - 8 weeks
  • Full healing period: 8 - 12 months 
  • Price:​ 399,- (DKK)
  • Start jewelry: Jewelry not included
  • Aftercare: ​Body piercing cleansing

Jewelry for this piercing:

  • Curved barbell

Other names for this piercing:

  • Belly button

Fun Facts and History: 

Navel piercing became very popular back in 1993 when Aerosmith's release their music video ''Cryin'' where Alicia Silverstone got her navel pierced by body piercer Paul King.